4.2 Out of Town Patients

As an out-of-town patient, below are some important factors to consider prior to starting treatment.

Pre-Screening Tests

The provided IVF Checklist for Pre-Screening Testing lists all infectious disease and genetic screening tests that must be completed prior to starting an IVF cycle. If any of the required medical testing is performed outside of our facility, please fax us all medical records and test results. All infectious disease tests must be completed within one year from the date you start your IVF cycle at New Hope. If pre-screening tests were completed more than one year ago, they are invalid and will need to be re-administered before your IVF cycle can begin. Genetic screening tests are accepted regardless of the date performed. IVF screening test results will determine the candidacy of you and your partner.

Consent Forms

All consent forms must be read prior to your visit to New Hope and are available online for your review at www.newhopefertility.com, by clicking "New Patient." On the day of your appointment at New Hope, a nurse will assist you in completing all consent forms and witness you and your partner's signature(s).

Financial Considerations

You must contact our Financial Department prior to the start of your IVF cycle. Financial Coordinators are available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.


If you are on the first day of your period or are to schedule a monitoring visit, please call and inform our clinical staff that you are an out of town monitoring patient and need orders for your local clinic. Physician orders for the first monitoring visit will then be sent to your local clinic. This ensures all correct testing is performed and that results will be sent directly to our clinic. It is also necessary to find a local clinic or hospital that can perform "same day" results on hormone levels so you can receive detailed instructions immediately following the review of results for each monitoring visit. Finally, please be mindful of coordinating office hours and whether weekend monitoring is possible when choosing a local clinic.

Please be sure to call our office by 3 p.m. EST each monitoring day if you have not received a call from your Personal Care Team with instructions. This may mean that we have not received the day's results and will need to follow up with your clinic. Also, please inform our clinical staff of your preferred pharmacy, their contact information and business hours.


On the day of your egg retrieval, if your plan is to fertilize the oocytes retrieved, a semen specimen must be available. If the sperm is fresh, your spouse/partner will be asked to produce a semen specimen. If the sperm is frozen, whether from a spouse/partner or donor, it must be at New Hope prior to the egg retrieval.

If you have any questions regarding semen analysis, semen collection or sperm freezing/storage or transporting frozen sperm vials, please call and speak with someone in our Andrology Laboratory prior to starting your IVF cycle.

As you approach the date of your egg retrieval, we recommend that you and your spouse/partner begin preparations for the trip to our office in New York. Your Personal Care team will help you coordinate scheduling to ensure you arrive to New York on time.